Why SunLAN?

SunLAN Corporation has been buying and collecting on defaulted consumer debt since 2004 and is currently managing over 20 million dollars in assets. SunLAN, through their years of experience, is averaging in excess of 150% returns on invested dollars within the first 4 years; an average of 35%, or more, per year. To maintain this high yield rate, SunLAN has developed a stringent set of guidelines and have developed and purchased specialized software programs to enable us to choose the highest quality portfolios available.

When contracted to manage an investor’s capital, SunLAN assumes the following responsibilities for the investor:

  1. Analyze, buy and sell portfolios.
  2. Assign and manage collections.
  3. Maintain accounting records and distribute quarterly reports.
  4. Distribute annual P&L and tax statements.
  5. Make profit distributions.

E-mail Address: info@sunlancorp.com

Telephone: (714) 289-9414

Facsimile: (714) 453-9625