Our Philosophy

SunLAN Corporation offers one of the most lucrative business opportunities for capital growth to come along in many years. SunLAN is an established company currently managing over 20 million dollars of assets in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. SunLAN offers partnership interests to both private equity investors and individuals that can optionally require smaller sums of capital. Interested parties can easily get involved in this business without any prior knowledge about the debt buying industry. To do so, please, contact a SunLAN representative today.

We recognize that our success only happens when you succeed. Therefore, we take the management of your money very seriously. We build and preserve your capital by managing risks. Risk management begins with purchasing nonperforming contracts in large numbers; the greater the number of contracts the lower the risk.

We seek only high-quality nonperforming credit card contracts directly from banks. We carefully analyze each contract to ensure the highest collectability quotient.

We adhere to a rigorous set of ethical rules designed to collect debt without going outside the law. We always strive to maximum profits without compromising the security of the investor’s capital.

We believe in patient, consistent investment practices. The collection of debt in large quantities is extremely steady and calculated, yielding consistent results. A further indication of how we minimize risk for the investor.

SunLAN’s 6 Objectives for Managing Assets:

  1. Provide a low risk investment: We buy credit card portfolios from reputable banks at the lowest price possible.
  2. Leverage investors’ capital: Because we purchase debt for pennies on the dollar, we are able to purchase large quantities of debt with little capital thus ensuring a secure and highly profitable investment.
  3. Use a rigid set of rules: Rules are used to govern the process of buying, collecting and selling debt to make sure we create repeatable results every time.
  4. Repeatable success: Every investment must produce repeatable, consistent profits. Whether managing an investor’s capital for wealth building or for income, SunLAN provides a steady return on investment (R.O.I.).
  5. Provide varied investment opportunities: SunLAN has investment opportunities available for both the established investor as well as investors with limited capital. Investments start at $5,000 and can be as high as $5,000,000.
  6. Create lasting relationships: SunLAN creates a relationship with our investor in order to know their personal needs; thus SunLAN is able to customize a strategy for long-term growth and/or income.

E-mail Address: info@sunlancorp.com

Telephone: (714) 289-9414

Facsimile: (714) 453-9625