DARLENE ROSS, Secretary/Treasurer

Prior to co-founding SunLAN Corporation with Lee Ross, Darlene Ross was employed for 32 years as an accountant at one of Xerox’s largest west coast divisions where she managed several accounting functions; most notably, the accounts payable and accounts receivable accounting departments. While at Xerox, Mrs. Ross provided many services outside her normal daily responsibilities offering overall improvements to better accounting procedures within the accounting area. Her improved procedures not only saved Xerox hundreds of thousands of dollars, but also provided better control over payment approvals to prevent fraudulent payments. This improved process brought focus upon several "leaks" in payments to outside vendors.

Mrs. Ross has always been a very conscientious manager, devoted to providing a watchful eye over disbursement of funds and ensuring that the companies under her care receive appropriate benefit for the goods and services for which they are paying.

Mrs. Ross attended Washington State University from 1966 through 1969 where she studied psychology; a subject for which she has great passion. In her role as a manager, she has made good use of her education and found that when treating people with a caring and understanding attitude the people respond by giving a 100% effort.

Mrs. Ross is the ideal person to be watching over the Investor Companies and SunLAN’s financial needs. She is an experienced internal auditor who will always ensure accuracy in the accounting records.

E-mail Address: info@sunlancorp.com

Telephone: (714) 289-9414

Facsimile: (714) 453-9625