MICHAEL LONG, Vice President of Marketing

Mr. Long has over ten years experience in sales and marketing techniques. His expertise in managing business functions makes him well qualified to analyze and acquire contracts and find suitable buyers for contracts the Company desires to resell.

Mr. Long was Vice President of Marketing for The Metro Team, Inc., a realty company located in Fair Oaks, California. He was responsible for devising, developing, and implementing strategic marketing and operational plans for the Business Realtor team. His responsibilities included analyzing industry trends, developing web pages and logos, and training realtors on targeted client base development. Due in part to the decline in the real estate market, Mr. Long filed for personal bankruptcy in June, 2008. The bankruptcy petition was filed in the US Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California and completed in September, 2008.

Prior to The Metro Team, Mr. Long worked several years for De’Cor Interiors as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing in Yorba Linda, California where he worked to develop strategic relationships with high profile companies, such as Home Depot and Opus. His contract negotiation skills allowed him to more than double profits for his firm. Mr. Long also negotiated strong contracts with suppliers that helped to reduce supply cost more than 30%. Efficiencies gained by De’Cor through Mr. Long’s efforts allowed the firm to rapidly expand to more than twice its original size.

E-mail Address: info@sunlancorp.com

Telephone: (714) 289-9414

Facsimile: (714) 453-9625