Our History

Since SunLAN Corporation’s founding in 2002, the Company has managed the purchase, collection or other liquidation of millions of dollars of nonperforming credit card accounts. We have been a pioneer in creating ways for the small investor to take advantage of profits from investing in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. At SunLAN Corporation, we use proprietary processes in unique ways that enable us to obtain high rates of recoveries from previously charged-off accounts and thereby earning excellent profits for our investor clients.

Every year, SunLAN Corporation purchases several million dollars of charged-off receivables from major banks and financial institutions of all sizes.

The SunLAN Business Model

SunLAN Corporation’s concern about protecting investor capital has lead them to adopt very ridgid rules by which the firm operates. Protecting against loss of capital is our number one goal. Since the very beginning, we have maintained a constant record of earning profits and have never lost even one penny of our investor's capital. Growth in an investor's capital has been steady; no radical swings up or down.

Our program is simple; we only buy debt from reputable sources at the lowest price possible. This debt is assigned to the best and most honest collection agencies. SunLAN’s role is to perform debt analysis, using the best tools available for this purpose, negotiating the lowest purchase price and monitoring the collection process. SunLAN creates and sends quarterly reports to their investors to keep everyone abreast of what is going on with their company and their personal investment.

As you can see, there isn’t a broad array of activity involved in getting the job done, which is why most of our business can be ran using rules and computer programs producing consistent and predictable results.

Company History Timeline

  • Incorporated December, 2002.
  • First investor product launched June, 2004.
  • Added 4 new companies 2005.
  • Completed development of control software 2006.
  • Launched first MAP program October, 2008.
  • Completed development of CAP program January 2009.
  • Launched two new companies in January and February 2009
  • Launched the first Doctors Advantage program August 2009

E-mail Address: info@sunlancorp.com

Telephone: (714) 289-9414

Facsimile: (714) 453-9625