Managed Asset Plan

The purpose of a managed asset plan (MAP) investment is to provide a vehicle for the investor having between $5,000 and $500,000 to invest and take advantage of the great returns earned from investments in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. Returns earned from MAP investments average between 10 and 15 percent annually making them ideal for the person who is looking for a steady income to supplement their cash flow needs, such as retirement, a child’s education, care for an aging parent or as a source of income for any purpose.

Investments in the ARM industry are based upon the purchase of financial contracts that are both   negotiable and resalable. Therefore, any reason to liquidate assets of a plan will, at a minimum, recuperate invested capital, making this investment reasonably safe from loss of an investor’s money. In fact, it is extremely rare that an investor even experience a decline in their invested capital’s value, let alone a total loss, as often happens in other types of investments.

Interested parties making an investment in a MAP program will be doing so along with many other investors. Their combined capital of up to $5,000,000 is used to operate a limited liability company (LLC) buying debt in the ARM industry. Capital received from investors is used to purchase non-performing credit card accounts from banks, also known as original creditors or issuers. Investors of a MAP program contract with SunLAN Corporation to manage the plan’s operations on behalf of its members. Hiring SunLAN to manage the plan eliminates the need for plan members to possess knowledge of how the ARM industry functions.

Profits earned by individual members can be directed in one of two ways; either to be distributed to him/her as profits are earned or he/she can save their earnings by reinvesting their profits in their plan. Reinvesting profits in their plan will grow his/her capital base and allow the plan to purchase an ever greater number of accounts. Choosing to distribute his/her profits will provide a quarterly return that can be used by the member for any purpose. The choice to take profit distributions or reinvest is made by the member depending upon his/her personal needs.

SunLAN Corporation’s management policy for these plans is designed to maintain a constant level of capital in an investor’s capital account (also, known as their base capital). Each investor owns a share of a MAP plan based upon the size of their capital account when compared to a MAP plan’s total capital. For SunLAN to maintain a constant level of operating capital in a plan, they must replace accounts that are retired for any reason at the end of each quarter. Replacement accounts are bought from income received through collections during the quarter. Each investor shares in the cost to replace retired accounts and the income earned in that quarter; both allocations are based upon the investor’s share of ownership in a plan at the time the allocation is made. Money left over after replenishing retired accounts and paying for operating expenses is profit. It is this profit that provides the money necessary to distribute income to the MAP members. As a result, a member never receives their income distribution from the money in their capital account. It is imperative that income distributions be made from profits earned by a plan to enable the member to receive their income for an indefinite amount of time. Optionally, their investment’s income can continue for their heirs if the member so chooses to “Will” his account to another person(s).

Investors who choose to reinvest their share of profits will experience growth in their base capital, which means they will earn ever greater returns. The greatest advantage of this approach is that an investor need only place a few thousand dollars in a MAP program to provide sufficient retirement income. By reinvesting their profits for a few years, the investor is allowing the time necessary for their capital to grow until it reaches the size necessary to provide the desired level of income. After their base capital has reached the desired size and is earning the desired level of income, the investor may elect to receive his/her quarterly cash distributions.

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